On the Radio with Royal Skyyy

Radio Show AshevilleNew Greensboro Radio Show

I am pleased to announce that I will be making my first appearance on the radio! I have one appearance this Sunday at 10:00 on the Open Door Radio Show out of Asheville which showcases local and regional hip-hop! The other is on WindEmUp Radio out of Greensboro at 8:00 where I will be answering questions and streaming “Royal Arrives!” The following flyers provide the information as well as the links through which to access the shows online! I want to thank everyone for their continued love and support throughout this journey.

Stream for WindEmUp TBA: http://www.windemupradio.com/
Stream for The Open Door Radio Show on July 17th: http://www.ashevillefm.org/the-open-door-radio-show

Stay blessed,
Royal Skyyy

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